What we do

We believe that connecting peers with people who are living with a chronic disease like diabetes or a substance use disorder can help people better manage their disease. We specialize in healthy eating, incorporating exercise into daily life, and providing resources to manage diabetes and maintaining long term recovery goals.

Staff Photo

Community Health Worker (CHW)

Community Health Workers visit high-risk people that are living with diabetes in either their homes or public places. CHWs coach them in healthy eating, activities for fitness and fun, and how important it is to understand what their medications are for and how to take them properly. CHWs become their biggest cheerleader as they improve their health and strive toward a healthier lifestyle! No prior experience or education needed to be a CHW. We train you in everything you need to know.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS)

Recovery from addiction is tough and no one knows it more than someone who has been there before. Peer Recovery Supporters provide guidance to others beginning their journey and encouragement to those continuing their recovery journey. PRSs use their first hand knowledge and skills to help guide others to different recovery programs’ resources, help in finding a sponsor, find employment, and overall support in living and thriving in a healthier, sober lifestyle.

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